Britain: Abolishing certificates just around the corner – What measures will remain


Health Minister Sahid Javid stressed that the abolition does not translate into complacency about the pandemic.

Ready to abolish coronavirus certificates are said to be in Britain, as the Omicron mutation continues to decline, according to Health Minister Sahid Javid, who stressed that this does not mean complacency about the pandemic.

According to the DailyMail, the coronavirus certificates may be abolished in Britain and the measures that will remain in force to suppress the pandemic will be the Compulsory use of a mask on public transport and inside stores.

In fact, Sahid Javid, speaking to the deputies, stated that he shares the suffering they feel that cause certificates in their daily lives while, the ministers themselves are positive in reducing the rate of telework.

The Daily Mail also quoted the Times as saying that Javid was pleased with the pandemic signs of the pandemic, but warned that hospitals were still under “Significant pressure”.

However, in the last eight days the cases of coronavirus in Britain are gradually decreasing with the positive tests yesterday Thursday (13.1.2022) reaching 109,000 while at the same time the admissions to the hospitals have been reduced almost completely.

It is recalled that 100 Tory MPs voted against the measures of “Plan B” to deal with the coronavirus introduced by Boris Johnson last month, while at the same time, government sources stress that the certificates will return only in case of a new outbreak.

The measures of “Plan B” to deal with the coronavirus will be discussed among the British MPs on January 26.

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