Zaoutis: A significant percentage of the reduction of cases is due to the measures of December


Theoklis Zaoutis, president of EODY spoke about the epidemiological situation in the country and the cases of the last days

Specifically, speaking to MEGA said: «We are seeing a stabilization in the number of cases of the order of 30% in the last few days. It is almost 10 – 15 days after the last measures taken»,

“A significant percentage of the decrease is due to the measures taken at the end of December”, while he added that, after the festive season there is less overcrowding while more became ill.

Opening of schools

Regarding the opening of schools, he said correctly the students returned to rooms.

“The opening of the schools had to be done and we must all support it.” We saw in the first week with the tests several children who came out positive but the rate of positivity in children compared to adults, is much lower. “We are expected to see an increase in the absolute number of cases because all children are being examined.”

Reliability of rapid tests

“Rapid tests are reliable. “Some have reduced sensitivity but are good enough to catch most executives.”

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