What is provided by the new Development Law submitted to Parliament


It was submitted to the Parliament from Ministry of Development and Investment The new Development Law.

This is a bill that investors and banks have been waiting for a long time and have been waiting for a series of investment projects as its provisions were expected to define facilities and incentives.

The purpose of the bill is to promote economic growth by speeding up processes and providing incentives for targeted activities for extroversion, green and digital transitions, support for innovative investments and those seeking the introduction of new technology. “, Robotics and artificial intelligence, the strengthening of employment and entrepreneurship, as well as the strengthening of the areas included in the Fair Development Transition Plan.

Effective and efficient procedures for evaluation and control of the implementation of investment plans are introduced and evaluation is foreseen within 45 days from the end of the status, or within 30 days for the cases of immediate evaluation.

The assessed regulations establish 13 state aid schemes for investment projects, with a thematic targeting instead of a horizontal dimension and which may fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Digital and technological transformation of companies
  • Green transition – Environmental business upgrade
  • New business
  • Fair development transition
  • Research and applied innovation
  • Agri-food – Primary production and processing of agricultural products – Fisheries
  • Manufacturing – logistics
  • Business extroversion
  • Enhancing tourism investments
  • Alternative forms of tourism
  • Large investments
  • European value chains
  • Entrepreneurship 360o.
  • See here the entire bill submitted to Parliament by the Ministry of Development and Investment


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