Historic heatwave in Argentina – High temperatures break records one after another


Cities and villages in Argentina and neighboring countries are roasting under the hot sun and temperatures are breaking records one after another as the area is swept by a historic heat wave.

“Almost all of Argentina and neighboring countries such as Uruguay, southern Brazil and Paraguay are experiencing the hottest days in history,” said Cindy Fernandez, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

In many cities, from central Patagonia to northern Argentina, record temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius are recorded.

The heat and prolonged drought are affecting grain crops, but meteorologists are hoping that from next week the temperature will drop and it will start raining, cooling plants and people.

“It’s another hell of a day,” Elizabeth Bassin said as she waited for the bus in Buenos Aires. “It’s been a week now and the body has started to get used to the heat,” he added.

Emanuel Moreno, who sells soft drinks, said that he works in the heat but takes care to stay hydrated. “It is true that it is very hot, but when you work you do not understand it. “You realize at some point that you are thirsty and you have to drink water, a lot of water, because otherwise you can not continue,” he said.

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