Changes but Tik-Tok are coming to Instagram – This is the new addition to the app


Social media users may be surprised by the change

Instagram is looking at ways to offer something new to its users, but perhaps the new change that seems to be coming will confuse them.

In particular, in February 2021 Instagram had announced that it was considering may change the way users view famous stories, but no further details will be given.

Now, the social media is testing the vertical scroll in the stories, which is quite reminiscent of how TikTok works.

Instagram users from Brazil and Turkey report that the stories do not work with swipe right and left, but with vertical scroll.

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With this new change, users with vertical scroll will be transferred to the stories of their next friend, while with the traditional horizontal scroll they will continue to see Stories from the same user.

We should, of course, note that Instagram has not yet announced whether the new feature in the stories will be available to all users, as it is waiting to see the reactions from this new change.

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