MEP spent 690,000 euros to renovate his office


The move by the Vice President of the European Parliament Rainer Wieland to spend (576,000 pounds) about 690,000 euros for office renovations is causing a sensation. According to Guardian The German Christian Democrat MEP spent 486,011 euros for a state-of-the-art office and 134,774 euros for the “showroom” on the 15th floor of the European Parliament in Brussels.

The showroom, which Wieland claimed was a meeting room that could be used by anyone in parliament, is equipped with state-of-the-art computer systems, including € 42,722 copying tools and a € 26,482 video conferencing system.

The MEP oversees the internal management of the European Parliament buildings and is testing a new office organization called the “ideas workshop” to see what features could be extended to the 705 members.

“The institution will be able to act in a financially responsible manner, as characteristics that at first might have seemed useful, but during the trials would have been excluded, would not have been acquired by the institution,” said an internal report drawn up by senior officials. .

Naturally, the renovation has caused a storm of reactions. Wilad spent nearly 35,000 euros on demolishing the existing space, dismantling two bathrooms, pipes and ventilation systems, as well as window sills, partitions and suspended ceilings.

His new office was equipped with custom doors costing 25,000 euros, a separate sliding door 14,810 euros and built-in furniture worth 57,948 euros, including a small kitchen with electrical appliances. Inside the office, partitions costing € 33,619 change from translucent to opaque at the touch of a button. The doors are sealed with electronic locks costing 10,968 euros.

Speaking to the Guardian, Rainer Wieland said the project would save taxpayers money. “It’s an idea lab where we test ideas, whether they are useful or useful – and we want to think unexpectedly. “I’m deeply convinced that testing costs money, but not testing also costs money, and sometimes even more.”  

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