Ukraine: ‘Signs’ of possible Russian secret service involvement in massive cyber attack


Representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Of Ukraine reported that the Kiev has some “preliminary indications” suggesting possible involvement of the Russian secret services in massive cyber attack where hit many websites of Ukrainian ministries.

“Ukraine’s security service has received some initial indications” that hacker groups linked to Russia’s secret services may be responsible for the attack, a foreign ministry spokesman said in a Twitter post. Oleg Nikolenko.

According to her announcement SBU security service, in the attacks that took place on the night of Thursday to Friday were targeted a total of 70 government websites. Their contents “were not modified and there was no leakage of personal data”, the SBU assured.

The websites of many services, such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, were not accessible today.

Ukraine has been targeted by hackers several times in recent years, with attacks attributed to Russia, such as in 2017, against various critical infrastructure and in 2015, against an electricity transmission network.

Sources: AFP, ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ  

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