“My name is Covid and I’m not the virus”


“I joked about the resemblance of my name to the name of the pandemic virus for about two years until a tweet got so viral that all I could do was watch it happen.” What did this tweet say about the young Indian who 31 years ago his parents chose to name Covid?

“I went out of India for the first time after Covid and made a lot of people have fun with my name. “Future trips abroad are predicted to be a lot of fun,” Covid wrote on January 4, collecting 566 comments, 4.7 thousand retweets and 40.6 thousand likes.

On his Twitter account, just below his profile photo, he says “My name is Covid and I’m not the virus.” Covid’s case became so viral that within a few days he gave interviews to television networks, radio stations, newspapers and websites around the world.

“Since last week I have given so many interviews that I have lost count. It seems crazy and unbelievable to me that so many media suddenly ask me for an interview. I must have recorded at least 20 radio interviews, 10 television interviews with journalists from all over the world, from faraway lands such as New Zealand, Bulgaria, Israel, France, Chile. “In a few days, I gained about 1,200 followers on Twitter and 600 on Instagram,” the young man told “NEA”. But let’s start from the beginning.


Covid Kapoor was born in a small town in North India, Allahabad, in 1990, and his mother chose that name for him long before he was born. Covid in Hindi will say educated. Growing up, he studied Computer Science at the Indian Institute of Technology, where he graduated in 2012. Today, he is a co-founder of India’s largest travel platform, Holidify, and lives in Bangalore.

From his professional status but also from his Instagram account one can assume that he loves traveling (his posts from Mumbai, Indonesia, Spain, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Belgium, Dubrovnik confirm it), cycling in the countryside (according to what he says in the “NEWS”, he rides his bike 20-30 km (on weekdays and 80-100 km on weekends), the movies, but above all the plates.

“I’m positive since 1990,” he wrote on Twitter, joking about his name and the common expression now used to indicate that someone has a coronavirus. A recent addition to Covid’s puzzle is learning the saxophone, which began shortly after the pandemic broke out. That’s when his story began, the fame of which was to spread all over the planet, much like the virus of the same name.

With humor

“When the WHO announced the name of the virus in February 2020, I immediately realized that it was almost identical to mine. Both in writing and in pronunciation. But I immediately decided that I would treat it with humor as there was nothing else I could do about the name of the pandemic. Since then I make nice jokes about this coincidence when I introduce myself to someone I know for the first time. “It’s a lot of fun,” he told NEA.

But apart from the funny side, there are circumstances that this coincidence makes the life of the bike. “Many times,” says the 31-year-old, “people do not think this is my real name, so I always make sure I have my ID in my wallet to show it right away.” In fact, once, after the first pandemic in India, when I was traveling again for the first time, I made a hotel reservation, the hotel thought, because of my name, that it was a hoax, so it canceled my reservation ».

Despite the setbacks, however, Covid does not seem to be bothered that his name refers to a deadly virus that has plagued humanity for two years. “I love this coincidence. I like being given the opportunity to make so many jokes. “Every time I introduce myself to someone, I’m sure they will remember my name for a long time,” says the 31-year-old Indian, like another James Bond, recalling the typical way Ian Fleming’s legendary character introduced himself to friends and foes alike. to be unforgettable.

“When I introduce myself to someone for the first time,” he concludes, “I make a good and memorable first impression. “And now that I’ve become so viral and popular on the Internet, I’m looking forward to finding out how it all helps my life in the future.”


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