Our country received 5,700 treatments for measles …


The first 5,700 treatments of molnupiravir for coronavirus were announced by the Deputy Minister of Health Mina Gaga.

Mrs. Gaga stated that after the approval by Coreper that is expected in the next month, more will be received 25,000 treatments.

THE treatment has already received permission urgent use by American Food and Drug Administration (FDA). In our country, until completed its process European approval, treatment can be administered with written consent of patients.

Ms. Gaga explains that “At the present stage of the pandemic, the Omicron mutation is predominant, which – according to international scientific data – is not sensitive to treatment with monoclonal antibodies, which were administered to patients infected with the Delta mutation, with positive results. Internationally, then, the scientific community is turning to oral therapiesς ”.

How to administer the new treatment

THE platform in which doctors will raise the requests for approval for new treatment with antiviral pills, activated yesterday and as Ms. Gaga explains, molnupiravir may is granted in patients with Covid-19 who have specific factors high risk of severe disease.

According to so far data, the treatment will be administered for 5 days and should start within the first 5 days from the onset of symptoms and the diagnosis of the disease (with a positive antigen or molecular test).

THE grant of treatment will be approved by a similar procedure applicable to monoclonal antibodies.

One can not predict whether Omicron will be the last variant

The Deputy Minister of Health also emphasizes in the APE-MPE that all scientific views converge on the fact that Covid-19 will develop into an endemic viral disease, but still no one can predictif Omicron will be the last variant of this virus.

All over the world, the spread of Omicron in the community is great for this and we see an outbreak of cases in most of the world. It is very important not to be complacent with the rationale of mild symptoms, to meticulously follow the measures that apply, to wear our mask properly, to watch our contacts and of course to use all our main weapon against the virus, the vaccine“.

The request for the services of private doctors in Attica will also include the specialty of Pediatrics

The variation Ομικρον increases hospitalizations and Ministry of Health unfolds its design to enhance it YOU.

The pressure on the NSS is great and prolonged, with its people experiencing intense fatigue after two years of such intensive work. That is why we support them in every way, strengthening the forces of the system.

In the last few days, additional interventions were made and the cooperation with the private sector was expanded, while a new order of services of private doctors in the specialties of Pulmonology, Pathology, Anesthesiology and General Medicine was extended in the Regions of Thrace, Western, Central and Eastern Macedonia.

We have already asked the two health districts that are responsible for the hospitals in the basin to identify the additional needs for doctors and if necessary, the request will be extended to Attica as well. In this case, the specialty of Pediatrics will probably be included, in order to cover the needs of the vaccination centers.“.

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