Dimopoulos and Sarigiannis talk about the course of the pandemic – The three conditions to reach the end


The Rector of EKPA Athanasios Dimopoulos and the Professor of Environment at AUTh Demosthenes Sarigiannis commented today on the course of the pandemic in our country

The two of them spoke on the ANT1 show “Morning Types” for Omicron mutation and vaccination. Initially, Mr. Dimopoulos commented that the immune response after vaccination appears to be bigger from natural immunity, while referring to the great ability of the virus to mutate.

He added that vaccines work Efficiently in avoiding serious illness and hospitalization.

He also mentioned three conditions for ending the pandemic. As he said the first is to develop the immunity to a large extent, secondly, to cover the immune response we develop mutation Delta and third to accelerate vaccination in numerous countries such as Africa.

On whether omicron disease covers Delta’s disease, he said that they do not exist more details. He stressed that it is important to accelerate vaccination and stressed that it is not an innocent flu if we stick to the Omicron mutation.

Mr. Sarigiannis in his turn explained that if we continue to observe the measures and the vaccination continues we can go down to a lot low spread of the virus, ie we could fall below 3000 cases.

Finally added that much great dispersion with virus infection has given a large percentage of natural immunity to Omicron.

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