Germany: 19-year-old “put the glasses” on Elon Musk – “Hacked” 24 Tesla and checked them from home!


Tesla owner Elon Musk has a headache when nineteen-year-old hacker David Colombo of Germany breaches the security systems of the world’s most famous electric cars

The 19-year-old claims that he found a hole in the Tesla operating system and thus was able to gain control over their operations, from the sofa of his house. In fact, hacked cars are not all in one place, but in a total of 13 different countries around the world!

Although he has not revealed exactly how he managed to hack the specific cars, he claimed that he is able to open and close doors and windows, to flash the lights, to control the volume of the sound system, to see if the driver is inside.

But the most important and dangerous: to intervene in the car while it is on the road.

Tesla reportedly contacted him although there has been no official announcement from her.

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