The death metal band “Omicron” is unshakable – It does not change its name due to a mutation, “with nothing!”


The Belgian death metal band Omicron remains steadfast, stating that it will not change its name, which is the same as that of the Omicron mutation.

The new variant has been described as “worrying” by the World Health Organization, in part because of a lack of information about its transmissibility and the possibility of causing serious illness.

The band does not change its name due to the Omicron mutation

As the mutation continues to spread around the world, members of the band Omicron spoke to VICE about whether they intend to change the band’s name after the new discovery.

“No one could have predicted that this would happen and we hope people will understand,” they said.

“If we intend to change our name? No way. “We will not let a virus determine how our idea should be perceived.”

The post on Facebook

In a post on Facebook, the band clarified that it got its name from the Omicron galaxy system and not from the new coronavirus variant.

Referring to the concerns that they may “benefit” from the variant, the members of the Belgian band stressed: “Having the same name as the new variant of the coronavirus is an additional responsibility that we must bear. “We will continue to walk carefully here because we do not want people to believe that we are winning by the suffering of others.”  

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