Former PASOK Minister of Health Giannis Floros has died at the age of 96


The former minister and prefect of Larissa, Giannis Floros, passed away at the age of 96. His funeral will take place next Monday (13.12.2021) in Agios Achilleios, Larissa.

Giannis Floros was born in 1925 in East Larissa. He graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens and worked as a doctor.

In 1974 he was a founding member of PASOK, with which he was constantly elected member of parliament for Larissa from the first post-dictatorship elections of November 1974 until 1994, when he resigned to assume the duties of prefect of Larissa.

In the governments of Andreas Papandreou he served as Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare (5 July 1982 – 5 June 1985), Deputy Minister of Health, Welfare and Social Insurance (26 July 1985 – 31 October 1986) and Minister of Health, Welfare and Social Insurance (23 September 1987) November 1988).

In the 1994 local elections he was elected prefect of Larissa with the support of PASOK (the first elected prefect), while in the 1998 local elections he won a second term, remaining prefect until 2002.

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