At the mercy of bad weather the US: At least 50 dead from tornadoes


About 50 people are likely to have died in the devastating tornadoes that hit Kentucky and other US states late last night, Friday night and this morning, said Kentucky Governor Andy Besir, according to the Washington Post.

Besir was quoted by the Post as saying in an interview with local television station WLKY that the death toll could be “significantly higher than that”.

“The information is really heartbreaking,” the governor was quoted as saying by the Post. The newspaper adds that a representative of the state emergency management service stated that rescue service officials had not confirmed numbers of dead or injured until this morning.

In Tennessee, bad weather has claimed the lives of at least three people, Dean Flenner, a spokesman for the state’s Emergency Management Agency, told the Post.

At least one person was killed and five were injured when a tornado destroyed the roof of a nursing home in Monet, Arkansas, local officials said, according to the Post.

In Illinois, authorities said many people were trapped after a partial roof collapsed at an Inc warehouse near St. Louis late Friday night after tornadoes and severe storms hit the area.

Besir, who declared his state of emergency, reportedly said the damage would be “one of the worst we have seen in a long time.”

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