The PNO decided a new 48-hour strike


The ships will remain moored in the ports of the whole country for another 48 hours, after the executive committee of the Panhellenic Maritime Federation, in today’s meeting decided to escalate its mobilizations, with a new 48-hour strike in all categories of ships, starting at 00.01 dawn on Sunday 12 December 2021, and ends at 24.00 at midnight on Monday 13 December.

“Unfortunately, the masks have fallen. The employer’s side in its plans and methods for the annihilation and circumvention of our rights to date, acquired over the years through struggles and efforts, does not “slip in front of anyone” and with the aggravation of its negative behavior believes that it will “bend our fighting spirit to lead us to the acceptance of its appetites”, the Panhellenic Maritime Federation emphasizes in its announcement.

The PNO calls on the employer side “to consider its position and give the correct and fair solution to end the impasse”, while at the same time denouncing the Minister of Shipping and Island Policy for “a sharp attitude of the simple observer who applies”.

He also called for the understanding and full support of both the passenger public and all the workers of the country, while warning that “whoever dares to use any strike mechanism or any” security ship “to think twice, as his energy she will only throw “oil on the fire” of our struggle “.

The sailors’ union demands salary increases in the Collective Labor Agreements for the years 2020 and 2021, but also the solution of the problems of the sector.

“We are also fighting for the organic compositions, for the protection of the unemployed sailors, for the repatriation of our colleagues, for the acute problems in KESEN, in GENE, in the rescue means, in the education, in the registers, but also for the social security rights, the taxation and the abolition of all anti-labor laws.

Finally, the PNO invites all seafarers to give a dynamic presence to the strike rally of our Federation on Monday, December 13, 2021 at 10.30 am. at the Port of Piraeus, opposite the Power Station at Blue Star Delos.

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