Bulgaria: New Coalition Government Under Kirill Petkov Announced


The President of Bulgaria today appointed Kiril Petkov, co-founder of a new anti-corruption movement, as Prime Minister of the country, the day after the announcement of an agreement between four formations, which puts an end to the political crisis.

According to APE-MPE, Petkov immediately presented the list of his team, which consists of many young people who have come from abroad and come from business circles.

“We will not waste a single minute, we will not spend a single lev more inefficiently”, said Petkov, a 41-year-old businessman who recently turned to politics.

Yesterday he announced that a coalition agreement had been reached with three other formations, from the right (“Democratic Bulgaria”) to the Socialists, passing through the iconoclastic party founded by former singer Slavi Trifonov.

In the fragmented parliament, which is expected to formally approve the government the day after tomorrow, Monday, the prime minister will have a majority of 134 out of 240 deputies.

“It is your responsibility to reform a corrupt government, to overcome corruption, arbitrariness, inequality and injustice.” said President Rumen Radev, giving the prime ministerial mandate to Petkov.

Bulgaria is thus at the end of a political crisis that has resulted in three parliamentary elections this year.

United against conservative former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, the four parties have vowed to eradicate endemic corruption and reform the judiciary.

Another stated priority of Kirill Petkov is to accelerate the vaccination campaign against Covid-19. With only 26% of its population fully vaccinated, Bulgaria, with a population of 6.9 million, also has one of the highest mortality rates in the world.

The 140-page coalition agreement, signed Friday, “is a guarantee of stability for the next government,” Parvan Simenonov, a Gallup International analyst, was quoted as saying by BNT.

Even if “in everyday life, the operation will be complicated”, as the ideological differences between the parties are large, he warns.

The Minister of Finance and especially responsible for European funds will be 44-year-old Assen Vasilev, a close associate of Pektov, who aspires to end embezzlement and revitalize the economy of the country, which is the poorest in the EU.

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