Bad weather: Disasters in Achaia – Severe problems in Messolonghi and Nafpaktos


Great disasters has been caused in its area Western Achaia due to the continuous heavy rainfall. Dozens of houses, according to the Mayor of Western Achaia Spyros Mylonas, have been flooded and many people have been evacuated.

The Fire Brigade has received dozens of calls for help while the tracked vehicle of the service is on alert to intervene in cases where the approach is not easy.

Speaking to APE-MPE, the mayor of Western Achaia, Mr. Mylonas, stated that “there are dozens of cases of houses that have been flooded in the villages of Gomosto Niforeika, Kalamaki, Kareika, Lappa Rachi and Sageika and elsewhere. Infrastructure has been damaged in both roads and bridges, as well as in agricultural crops. “At least 50 people have been evacuated from their homes as a precaution.”

In its announcement, the Municipality of Western Achaia urges the citizens not to use the following streets:

  • Underground passage from Old National Road – Kato Alissos
  • Araxos, at the height of Vlacherina
  • Agios Konstantinos – Michoi
  • Riolos – Lappa
  • Arla – Giouleika
  • Lappa – Araxos
  • Lousika – Ano Achaia
  • Kagadi – Riolos

Finally, it is emphasized that crossing from flooded places should be avoided in order to avoid dangerous situations.

In the meantime, the Public Water Supply and Sewerage Company of Dymaion informs with its announcement that due to the natural disaster, problems occurred in the pumping stations in Kato Achaia, Kato Alissos, Achaiko, Lousika as well as in the inter-municipal pumping station.

In Etoloakarnania

In the areas of Messolonghi and Nafpaktos, the most serious problems from the heavy rainfall are identified.

, 00,0,07800,120,20,30,2101050In Messolonghi, according to the mayor Konstantinos Lyros, the situation remains marginal as there is still a risk of a possible overflow of the stream of Agrilia. Earlier, as he stated in APE-MPE, “about 150 residents of the areas of Valtoulia, Koloveika and Tabakaria have been removed as a precaution and are already staying in hotels”.

In Nafpaktos, the Fire Brigade has received about 65 calls for water pumping, while 15 people were removed from their homes as a precaution.

According to the mayor of Nafpaktos, Vassilios Giza, there have been floods in basements while the situation in the torrents “Varias” and “Skas” is marginal, however, as he told APE-MPE, “the situation is under control and in the area, with the help of construction machinery, the necessary interventions “.


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