Libya: Announcement of candidate list delayed – Elections likely to be postponed


Its electoral commission Libya stated today that will not publish the list of presidential candidatesuntil it settles some legal issues, but Reuters notes that this seems to be the case. there is no more time to make the elections on December 24, as scheduled.

While most Libyan and foreign figures involved in the process continue to call for public elections, politicians, analysts and diplomats say in private that this will be very difficult to achieve.

If there are significant delays, there is a risk that the wider peace process in Libya will be derailed, although a controversial electoral contest, which will take place without a clear agreement on the rules or the candidates, also poses an immediate threat to stability.

“Given the sensitivities that exist at this stage, as well as the political and security conditions, the commission wants to exhaust all means to ensure that its decisions are in line with the court decisions that are issued,” he said. the committee in a statement issued.

Less than two weeks before the vote, there is almost no time left for those in the final list to campaign across Libya, out of the 98 candidates who have already cast their ballots, giving candidates who already have a huge advantage well known to the public.

Disputes over the basic rules of the electoral contest continued throughout the process, including on the voting schedule, the election of key candidates and the powers of the next president and parliament.

As there is no commonly accepted legal framework, it is unclear to what extent the rules will be based on the UN-backed roadmap, which originally provided for elections, or a law passed by the speaker of parliament in September, but which was rejected by other factions.

The process of deciding on the eligibility of candidates has highlighted major issues in the process. The commission initially disqualified 25 candidates and set a deadline of about two weeks for legal action.

Rival factions have been accused of intimidating or bribing judicial and administrative officials to influence the final list of candidates.

With armed groups controlling the field across Libya, any election without strong international scrutiny will be open to allegations of fraud.

The Electoral Commission announced that it is in contact with the Supreme Judicial Council and a parliamentary committee and will adopt procedures based on these communications before proceeding with the electoral process.

Some parties have warned that a delay in the vote could lead to them withdrawing from the wider political process.  

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