US – Biden sends top diplomat to Russia and Ukraine – What to seek


The United States will send its top European affairs diplomat to Russia and Ukraine to discuss Russia’s growing military presence and reiterate the United States’ commitment to ensuring Ukraine’s territorial integrity, the State Department said today.

“Undersecretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Dr. Karen Donfried will travel to Kiev and Moscow on December 13-15 to meet with high-ranking government officials to discuss the military build-up of Russia and the strengthening of “Ukraine’s independence and territorial integrity,” the State Department said.

«[Η Ντόνφριντ] “He stressed that we can make diplomatic progress to end the conflict in Donbas through the implementation of the Minsk agreements.”

These agreements, reached in 2015 to end the war that broke out a year earlier in this Ukrainian region between Kiev forces and pro-Russian separatists, were never actually implemented.

The United States, NATO, Europeans and Ukraine have been accusing Russia in recent weeks of sending troops to the border for a possible invasion of the neighboring country – something the Kremlin denies.

US President Joe Biden held a video conference on Tuesday with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and threatened Moscow with unprecedented sanctions in the event of an attack on Kiev.

Despite tensions between the two countries, which remain high, the two leaders decided to instruct their groups to meet to see if a diplomatic de-escalation is possible. Karen Donfried’s visit will therefore be the first step in this diplomatic process.

Washington states that the solution goes through the implementation of the Minsk agreements and proposes its mediation. This, according to the State Department in its announcement, is in support of the “Normandy Scheme” which presided over the signing of the talks and their monitoring to date and consists of Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France but not the United States. States.

The US diplomat will then travel to Brussels to consult with European allies and NATO allies.  

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