Italy: One dead and 11 missing after collapse of four-storey apartment building in Sicily


A four-storey building collapsed in Ravanusa, Sicily, due to a gas explosion and rescue teams are looking for at least 11 missing residents, including three children, reports the Italian public news agency ANSA.

According to the agency, the building caught fire after a gas pipeline exploded in Ravanoussa, which has a population of 11,000, not far from Agrigento, the southwestern Sicilian city that is famous for its ancient Greek temples.

According to a post by the fire service, a man has been found dead so far and the rest of the missing are wanted.

Firefighters managed to contain the fire and have begun searching the wreckage to find the missing. Among them is a young couple expecting a child.

The blast damaged at least two other buildings in the city center, according to ANSA.  

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