Israel: Bennett will be the first Israeli Prime Minister to visit the United Arab Emirates


The Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett will visit the United Arab Emirates today and meet with the de facto leader, the Israeli prime minister’s first visit to the Gulf country since the two countries formalized bilateral relations last year.

“Today I will go to the United Arab Emirates, the first visit ever made by an Israeli prime minister to the country,” Bennett told the cabinet.

A statement from the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office stated that “tomorrow (Monday) he will meet with the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan” to discuss “the deepening of relations between the two countries”. emphasis on financial issues.

The United Arab Emirates, along with Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco, has normalized relations with Israel through the “Abraham Accords” signed last year under US auspices.

Bennett’s visit to the Emirates will be the first by an Israeli prime minister to visit any of the four countries.


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