Tragedy in Pieria: Dead 55-year-old pediatrician who was swept away by a torrent


A 55-year-old woman was pulled unconscious this morning which with the I.X. of was swept into a stream by the rushing waters caused by bad weather.

Specifically, approximately at 8:00 this morning fire brigades located her vehicle in the area of ​​Skotina Pieria, on the river Ziliana. At a distance of about one kilometer, the lifeless body of the woman was found and received by an EKAB ambulance.

According to reports, the unfortunate woman was a well-known pediatrician in the area and the mother of three children, whom her own people had been looking for since the morning. It is alleged that the woman tried to get out of her car, but did not succeed, with the result that she was swept away by the water.  

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