France – New Caledonia – Overwhelming ‘no’ victory in independence referendum


The “no” camp in independence today claimed a sweeping victory in the self-determination referendum held in New Caledonia, winning 96.49% of the vote, compared to only 3.51% for the supporters of “yes”, according to the final results, while French President Emmanuel Macron stressed that “the promise of a common destiny must continue to guide us.”

As supporters of independence decided not to go to the polls, turnout collapsed to 43.90% (in previous referendums in 2018 and 2020 it was over 80%). Supporters of “no”, who feared a loosening of their voters in the absence of an opponent, managed to collect 75,762 votes, compared to 81,501 they had collected in the 2020 referendum.

“The promise of a common destiny must continue to guide us,” said French President Emmanuel Macron after his “no” victory in independence.

“The people of Caledonia have chosen to remain French. They decided freely (…) New Caledonia will therefore remain French “, he underlined in his speech, clarifying that he welcomes with” respect and humility “the result of this referendum, as” the electorate remained deeply divided “.

Source: ΑΠΕ

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