Taking a flash selfie can save your life


The colors that should lead us to the doctor for examination

The selfies are adored by smartphone users. Many times they have proved to be deadly as many accidents have been recorded on the altar of the “perfect selfie”. However, a doctor explained how taking a selfie with the flash on can “save a life”.

Dr. Karan Rajan is an NHS general surgeon who uses his account at TikTok and on Instagram to share weird medical facts and dispel myths that are reproduced daily on the internet. His videos are made with humor but deal with extremely serious issues. Which has made him viral. In a clip he posted on his @ dr.karanr account, he responds to a video showing a photo of a baby having a white reflection on one of his pupils.

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The colors that should ring a bell

Another TikToker says the photo saved his life because his mom noticed one of his pupils was red and the other white during a birthday photo shoot.

TikTok’s doctor confirms that it is true and says: “The red reflex can save someone’s life. A camera flash makes the eyes look red because it illuminates the blood vessels in the back of the eye. “If you notice that one eye does not have a red reflex or that one eye has an abnormal color such as yellow, white or black, you should see a doctor.”

While he added: ““It may not be something to worry about, but it can always be something serious like eye cancer or retinal detachment.”

He added in the comments: ““It does not always mean that something is wrong, but it should be a prompt to see a doctor anyway.”

The video has been viewed more than 234,000 times and many people have shared their own incredible survival stories.

One commented: “It saved my cousin’s life. “She had cancer, but now she is healthy and can live a normal life.”

A second user posted:My son had that! “Fortunately it was not cancer, but his retina was completely detached.”

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