German Foreign Minister: Nord Stream 2 will not work if the crisis in Ukraine escalates


The new controversial German-Russian conduit Nord Stream 2 not I will take leave to work in case of new “escalation“in Ukraine, thanks to an agreement in principle between Berlin and Washington, said tonight the head of German diplomacy.

“Due to the tense security situation,” it was agreed between the Americans and the previous German government of Angela Merkel that in case of a new escalation, this pipeline will not be able to be put into operation, “Analena Berbock told German television network ZDF. that the West fears an invasion of Russia by Russian troops.

The Foreign Minister thus clarified the threats – most often hidden – that German Chancellor Olaf Soltz has made on the subject of Nord Stream 2.

“It would be a great mistake to believe that violating the borders of a European country would remain without consequences,” he said during a visit to Poland tonight.

His government’s foreign minister, who took office last week, also reminded that the pipeline connecting Russia and Germany via the Baltic Sea, in any case, “can not be licensed at the moment because it does not meet their requirements.” regulations of European energy legislation “.

In mid-November, the German energy regulator suspended the certification process for Nord Stream 2 – which has been completed – asking the Swiss-based consortium, which is in charge of its operation, to set up a company. under German law.

The pipeline, which has had the warm support of Russian President Vladimir Putin on the one hand and Angela Merkel in recent years to ensure Europe’s gas supply, has been criticized by a number of countries.

The United States and many Eastern European countries, starting with Poland, are worried that Europe will become too dependent on Putin’s Russia. After all, Ukraine, which is still one of the major transit countries for Russian gas to Europe, fears it will weaken financially and diplomatically.

The head of German diplomacy called for a focus on diplomatic efforts to reduce tensions between Ukraine and Russia.

“We are in a phase at the moment where we want everything to be done in order to repeat the talks, because dialogue is the best way to avoid an escalation,” he said.

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