For another ten years the free mobile tour in Europe


The abolition of roaming charges for mobile communications between EU countries has been extended for ten years, in accordance with a decision of the EU Council and the European Parliament.

This means that by 2032 EU citizens will be able to use the talk time provided by their program in any country of the Union. «Enhancing roaming rules will ensure that people can continue to make calls, send text messages and browse the Internet while traveling to other EU countries without fear of losing their accountThe EU Council said in a statement that the repeal, which took effect in June 2017, was originally scheduled to expire in June 2022.

Consumers who usually have 5G services inside will be able to enjoy services 5G and when roaming, where available.

In addition, the new regulation ensures that citizens will have increased free access to emergency communications that will enable them to locate the caller. Operators will ensure that citizens are aware of access to emergency services through 112, the single European emergency number, and other alternative means of access, such as real-time text or available applications, for people with disabilities. disabilities.

The interim agreement reached on Thursday is subject to approval by the Council and the plenary of the European Parliament. For the Council, the Slovenian Presidency intends to submit the agreement to the Council Permanent Representatives Committee (Coreper) for approval on 15 December.

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