Google: What the Greeks were looking for in 2021 – eClass, coronavirus and surprises in the list


For another year the Google released information about what they were looking for the Greeks the 2021 through its popular search engine. The effects of the pandemic are something that is reflected in almost all searches this year as well.

In the Fastest Growing Searches, in the first places appear terms related to distance education, such as eClass and Edupass but also “spoilers” for Survivor. In the search for Celebrities, half of the names in the category are related to the Greek Me Too, while they follow tennis, through Stefanos Tsitsipas and Maria Sakkari.

Mad Clip and Mikis Theodorakis, two deaths that affected different generations in different ways, as well as the loss of Fofi Gennimata, are at the top of the list of Deceased Celebrities.

At the top of the list for coronavirus is self-testing, followed by the number of cases, the vaccination certificate and rapid tests.

The Euro that had been postponed last year stood out in the Sports Events, while the Greek football championship, the NBA and tennis followed.

In “What is it”, the first belongs to ‘Asperger “, to which Greek and foreign celebrities were mentioned this year, while searches follow, such as ileus and myocarditis, KETHEA and Taliban.

It is considered a surprise in the list of TV Shows that, with the exception of “Squid Game” on Netflix, this year all positions are occupied by Greek productions, whether reality or fiction or adaptations of foreign series.

The “When” list is dominated by practical questions about the pandemic, such as when schools will open. Finally, in the News, first in the series was the crime in Glyka Nera and immediately after the 2021 census and the repayable advance payment.

Details of the most popular searches by category:

Faster Growing Searches

1. eClass

2. Survivor spoiler



5. Euro 2020

6. Cases today

7. Mad Clip

8. Jasmine

9. Vaccination certificate

10. Dimitris Lignadis


1. Dimitris Lignadis

2. Petros Filippidis

3. Stefanos Tsitsipas

4. Eliana Arabi

5. George Kimoulis

6. Maria Sakkari

7. Tasos Xiarchos

8. Menios Fourthiotis

9. Sofia Bekatorou

10. Lamanif

Deceased Celebrities

1. Mad Clip

2. Fofi Gennimata

3. Mikis Theodorakis

4. George Karaivaz

5. Tolis Voskopoulos

6. Dimitra of Lesvos

7. DMX

8. Takis Mousafiris

9. Prince Philip

10. Gelli Mavropoulou



2. Cases today

3. Vaccination certificate

4. Rapid test

5. New measures

6. Freedom Pass

7. Prevention of Covid-19

8. Vaccine appointment

9. AstraZeneca

10. Covid-19 school card

Sports news

1. Euro 2020

2. Superleague

3. NBA

4. Roland Garros

5. Champions League

6. Premier League

7. Olympiacos against PAOK

8. 2021 Olympic Games

9. Olympiacos against Mars

10. Copa America

What is

1. What is Asperger’s

2. What is the ileum?

3. What is myocarditis?

4. What is KETHEA

5. What is the Taliban?

6. What is CRP?

7. What is LOATKI

8. What is a nursery?

9. What is an ischemic attack?

10. What is the Triodion?

TV broadcasts

1. Survivor

2. Jasmine

3. The Land of the Olive

4. Angeliki

5. Squid Game

6. House of Fame

7. Flushing

8. Silent Road

9. The Farm

10. GNTM 4


1. When do schools open?

2. When the focus opens

3. When is it of the Holy Spirit

4. When do the shops open?

5. When do hairdressers open?

6. When are December pensions paid?

7. When does retail open?

8. When is Black Friday?

9. When is Halloween?

10. When does the Trio open?


1. Fresh Water

2. Census 2021

3. Refundable deposit

4. Fire

5. Heating allowance

6. New measures

7. Digital care

8. Earthquake now

9. Varybobi

10. Mad Clip rolling.  

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