“Liǎn”, a mask that reacts to our online behavior


An inflatable mask in which the relationship between ourselves in the real world and that in the virtual is explored created by Jann Choy, a graduate of one of the two most prestigious fashion schools in the world, Central Saint Martins College.

The mask uses a kind artificial intelligence, known as emotion analysis to understand our internet interaction.

The mask was created by Chan as her bachelor’s project at Central Saint Martins, inspired by the traditional Chinese performance biàn liǎn (changing face), a subspecies of Chinese Opera. In it, the actors change many masks to indicate different emotions and the alternation of the masks seems to take place in an instant.

Depending on whether, in the virtual world, we choose to react positively or negatively, different corresponding areas of “Liǎn”, the mask created by Jann Choy, swell by changing the shape of the mask (https://www.instagram.com/p/ CS6gdaLsRQ2 /).

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