EU: It imposes sanctions on the Russian mercenary company Wagner


The European Union (EU) will impose sanctions on the Wagner Group, a Russian mercenary company, during a meeting of its foreign ministers in Brussels on Monday, a European official told the German news agency.

The sanctions will be imposed on eight people, including the Wagner Group and three other entities associated with it. Among other things, travel bans and the freezing of any resources in the EU are envisaged.

They also mean that natural and legal persons in the European Union will no longer be able to deal with the targets of sanctions.

According to the official, the sanctions will be imposed due to the Wagner group’s actions in Syria, Libya and Ukraine and the allegations of blatant human rights violations by its people.

The measures are expected to enter into force immediately after being approved by the 27 foreign ministers on Monday.

Recently in Brussels, concerns were expressed about the possibility of Wagner developing in Mali. EU member states have threatened to end support in the African country in crisis if Bamako signs a deal with the Russian mercenary company.

The EU has deployed a training mission in Mali, a West African country whose parts have been ravaged by jihadist groups that have carried out bloody attacks for years.


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