The platform for applications “Save 2021” opens at 12:00


At 12 noon today begins the submission of applications for the program “Save 2021”, on the digital platform, simultaneously for the whole Territory.

The application system will remain open for a period of 50 days and the goal is to upgrade the energy of more than 50,000 homes across the country.

As RIS points out, “Saving 2021” is more socially sensitive, fairer and more efficient compared to previous programs. The most important changes, compared to the past, concern the abolition of the time priority in the evaluation of applications, the establishment of social evaluation criteria and the creation of a shortlist. For the first time, a separate budget of 100 million euros is created for vulnerable households, while special care is taken for single-parent families, large families and households with disabilities. “Save 2021” will contribute to the energy upgrade of 38% more homes compared to the previous cycle of the program.

The most important criterion for grading applications is the estimated annual energy savings based on the proposed cost of interventions at a rate of 50%, followed by individual or family income at a rate of 15%. For households with individual incomes up to 5,000 euros and with family incomes up to 10,000 euros, the subsidy amounts to 75%. For these households, it is possible to issue an interest-free loan with a guarantee of the State for the percentage of the same participation.

The program is part of the emblematic projects of the Fund for Recovery and Sustainability. It is financed with 632 million euros and a total of over 1 billion euros is expected to be mobilized, with the average estimated subsidy being 62% of the total expenditure.

“Save 2021” will significantly improve the energy class of households, achieving primary energy savings of over 30% for each home. The residences that will be selected for inclusion in the program must meet the following conditions:

  • To exist legally.
  • Not to have been judged to be demolishable.
  • To be used as main residences.
  • To have been classified based on the First Energy Efficiency Certificate (A PEA) in a category lower than or equal to C.

The Minister of Environment and Energy, Costas Skrekas, stated: “Today, the” Save 2021 “begins, which is more socially sensitive, fairer and more efficient compared to previous programs. We are removing the temporal hierarchy in the evaluation of applications, giving priority to vulnerable social groups and allocating € 100 million exclusively to our most vulnerable fellow citizens. The new program will help fight energy poverty by reducing energy costs for households and tackling the climate crisis by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The projects will give a big boost to the construction industry and the national economy by creating new jobs. The new program will be the first step of the big wave of energy upgrades that we have planned for the coming years, in order to achieve the national goal for 2030 which envisages the energy renovation of 600,000 buildings “.  

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