Tornadoes in the USA: Kentucky in a state of major disaster


US President Joe Biden declared the state of Kentucky in a state of major disaster on Sunday night (early Monday morning Greek time), which was hit by tornadoes on Friday, causing huge material damage and killing dozens of people.

His decision of the American president paves the way for further assistance from the federal state.

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The governor of Kentucky, the Andy Besiar, earlier on Sunday submitted an official request to the White House to declare a major disaster in his state, the head of FEMA, the federal emergency response service, told reporters earlier.

Andy Besir said yesterday that the extensive damage significantly complicates rescue efforts in his state that was hit by tornadoes two days ago. “I have towns that have disappeared”, said Besir on CNN show “State of the Union”. “My dad’s birthplace, Paxton, no longer exists. It’s hard to describe. “

According to the governor, at least 80 people have lost their lives in Kentucky alone. “The article will exceed one hundredHe added, speaking on CNN, referring to “the deadliest” tornadoes in Kentucky history.

In Kentucky, the devastation extends in some places to dozens of blocks and many are left without electricity, he said. the governor. The state has started one great rescue effort, but the large losses hinder this effort and it is predicted that it will take time. “You think you can go door to door and see if people are OK – but there are no doors. The question is, is there anyone in the wreckage of thousands upon thousands of structures? he stated. “It’s overwhelming”.

Besir could not give a number for the missing in his state. He said that in his family town, Dawson Springs with a population 2,700 people, the list of missing persons extends to eight pages with only a space between the names. “It’s very bad,” he said. Dean Chriswell, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), told CNN that rescue efforts were continuing across the area and that there were still hopes of finding survivors.

She and the Minister of Internal Security Alejandro Mallorca were going to go to the disaster area today.ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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