Vasilakopoulos for Omicron: “It is more contagious but it seems that we are going to a milder disease” (vid)


The professor of Pulmonology spoke about the course of the pandemic, the Omicron mutation but also about “Guardians of the Constitution»

Specifically, he told MEGA: “There is a recession in this wave and it can be seen from various indicators. The viral load in the sewage has dropped. The problem is that we have several deaths and we will continue to have them for several days, because the deaths come after severe hospitalizations, which are later in time than the cases. People have been vaccinated a lot more, this will start to show in the coming days».

As the professor pointed out yesterday, Sunday, 30,000 appointments were made for the first installment while the cases in our country have reached 1 million since the beginning of the pandemic.

Concerning the Omicron mutation:

«For Omicron, things are starting to clear up. It is more contagious and seems to be prevalent in Britain. He has no serious hospitalizations and it seems that we are going to a milder disease. But because it is so contagious, if many people get sick we will have a significant mortality rate there as well“, he said.

While in terms of third dose to treat: «We will not deal with it perfectly, but to a large extent“, He stressed.

About the action of “Guardians of the Constitution»:

«We are now on the verge of madness. It is illogical to think that some citizens are organizing and replacing the state institutions. Even if they were vaccinated, they could form a group and kidnap people; »

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