Coronaios – This is the country with the lowest vaccination rate in the world


Completely unprotected from the deadly coronavirus pandemic are several African countries, as not only are vaccine doses minimal but vaccination rates are frighteningly low.

In the last place in the world in terms of vaccination level is Burundi in Central Africa.

Fully vaccinated there do not exceed 0.1% of the population.

This is Burundi in central Africa. A state, which has a total population of close to 12 million and the fully vaccinated are less than 1000.

The severity of the virus had deteriorated

Burundi had not even started vaccinating its population against the coronavirus, as its former President, Pierre Nourounziza (who died on June 8, 2020 from a heart attack) was downgrading the severity of the coronavirus.

At the same time, the country did not have access to vaccines, receiving a donation of 500,000 vaccines from China last October.

It is worth noting that Burundi rarely communicates data about the coronavirus to its citizens, however since the beginning of the pandemic at least 20,666 cases and 14 deaths have been recorded.

Incumbent Evarist Dagimige, for his part, described the coronavirus as “Burundi’s biggest enemy”, with the vaccination being carried out on a voluntary basis. However, the people there are still skeptical.

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