Boris Johnson: 3rd installment for all adults in Omicron’s shadow


The United Kingdom is facing a “tidal wave” of cases of the Omicron mutation of the coronavirus, Boris Johnson warned eloquently on Sunday night, announcing that all adults in the country will have the opportunity to get the booster dose before the vaccine the end of the year.

The previous goal set by the British Prime Minister set the end of January as the time when all citizens over the age of 18 could get the third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

From Wednesday, any adult who has completed three months from the second dose will be able to make an appointment for the booster dose, while as of Monday, all adults will be able to enter a vaccination center to be served.

Mr Johnson said more vaccine centers would be set up and thousands more would be trained to get the vaccines, and some appointments for other illnesses in the NHS would inevitably be postponed.

The British Prime Minister said that significant progress has been made in the vaccination program, with 23.1 million citizens having made the third installment, but the country is facing an “emergency” situation and must “urgently” strengthen the vaccination wall.

He warned that Omicron’s cases double every two to three days. “No one should doubt that a tidal wave of Omicron cases is coming,” Johnson said, reiterating the scientists’ finding that the two doses of the vaccine did not provide adequate protection, but that the body’s defenses were strengthened by the third. dose.

To those who believe that Omicron causes less severe symptoms, Mr. Johnson said that there are already carriers of the mutation in the hospital and that scientists at this time can not say with certainty that Omicron is milder. In any case, he added, the many cases due to increased transmissibility could lead to many hospitalizations and deaths.

“Do not make the mistake of thinking that Omicron can not hurt you,” he said.


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