Turkey – A citizen who insulted … a photo of Erdogan and broke the picture was sentenced to probation


An indignant – financially – citizen in Turkey was taken to prison, who “dare” to find a… photo of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, while breaking the frame, in front of the entrance of the governor’s office in Zonguldak.

According to tourkikanea.gr, the citizen who was arrested the day before yesterday, was remanded in custody by a court decision.

Image source: gazeteduvar.com.tr

According to the same source, the indignant citizen went to the office of Eregli province and at the entrance of the building he found in front of a photo of Recep Tayyip Erdogan and then threw it down.

He was arrested by the police and in his first testimony he said that he was facing financial problems and not being able to control his anger, he threw the photo down.

After the medical examination, he was sent by the prosecutor to the court with a request for detention and was finally remanded in custody for “Insulting state leaders”.

Protests against poverty

At the same time, with the slogan “we are getting poorer every day and more” thousands of Turks demonstrated yesterday Sunday, protesting against the poor state of the economy.

In particular, more than 5,000 demonstrated in Istanbul in response to the call of the unions. Protesters protested against the slump of the Turkish lira and inflation in November, according to official figures, at 21.31% year-on-year, a figure challenged by the opposition, which says inflation is close to 58%.

The protesters mainly demanded the increase of the net minimum wage, which is currently 2,825 pounds (179 euros), to 5,200 pounds (331 euros).

There were also slogans calling for the resignation of the government.

“The government has to leave because, in order to fill its pockets, it is emptying ours. That is why we are on the road, to say it is enough now “, said Fatma, working in the municipality.

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