The United Kingdom is in a state of emergency


In situation “emergency”, the United Kingdom , states, the Boris Johnson, who announced yesterday that the vaccination of the third dose of all adults from 18 years and over to deal with the new variant starts today, while the level of alarm in relation to the coronary climbed from 3 to 4, recording a 65% increase in cases Ομικρον.

The goal is to make 1 million commemorative doses a day, the prime minister said as part of the “national mission” in order for the country to overcome the “tidal wave” for which scientists are sounding the alarm, leaving open the possibility of a Delta plan. , for the new year, if the cases from Omicron get out of control.

Already ten people are being treated in a hospital in England, with the Minister of Health confirming that to date he has not recorded any deaths in England from the new variant

Under the new guidelines, nursing staff will be removed from their normal duties by canceling appointments and focusing on emergencies.

The army will be six feet long, strengthening the work of mobile vaccination units and clinics to operate seven days a week, while thousands of additional volunteers have already been trained for the same purpose.

Yesterday, the United Kingdom recorded an additional 1,239 confirmed cases of the Omicron variant, the highest daily increase and almost double the previous Saturday. This brings the total number of cases of the variant to 3,137.

The critical situation that the country is experiencing again with the government restoring the restrictions this time finds the public opinion opposite the prime minister. Yesterday’s front page of Sunday Mirror, “Passing us idiots again” showing a photo of the British Prime Minister on Downing Street, with two of his associates, one wearing a Santa Claus hat and the other having a Christmas ribbon around his neck and asking questions via video on the occasion of a Christmas quiz held at the Prime Minister’s house on December 15, 2020 raise the voices to resign amid a series of scandals at a rate of 57% in the midst of a series of scandals, according to the poll, Opinium, for the Observer newspaper.

Response: Natasa Kantzavelou, London

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