Renewal of the driving license and issuance of a copy of the registration permit through in all 13 Regions


Electronic services are now available for the 13 Regions of the country for the renewal of the driving license and the issuance of a copy of the traffic license through the Unified Digital Portal of the State (

According to a joint Press Release of the Ministries of Digital Government and Infrastructure and Transport, these are two new services implemented by the ministries and which facilitate the daily lives of citizens, while enhancing the transparency of the relevant procedures.

  • In particular, citizens can now digitally renew their driving license which is no longer valid due to age limits or for medical reasons.

Renewal of driving license

In order to apply for the renewal of their driving license, citizens enter the platform with their Taxisnet codes, are informed about the specialties of the doctors who need to give an opinion on their ability to drive and are given a four-digit number (PIN).

Then, they visit the doctors, to whom they inform the four-digit PIN, in order to complete the examination and each doctor to electronically inform the application with the result.

If deemed fit for driving by all doctors, Citizens are informed by the application by text message on their mobile phone (SMS) and by e-mail (email) that they can complete the application within six months.

The process is completed digitally by attaching a photo, a signature sample and issuing and paying the appropriate fee.

Once the required actions are completed by the employees of the Regions, the citizens receive SMS and email, with which they are informed about the receipt of the new form of driving license.

Either in person or through a third party by authorization, or by courier in the Regions, where this service is supported.

The digital process related to medical examinations has been implemented and is productively supported by IDIKA. SA and is very friendly and easy to use for the approximately 27,000 doctors across the country with specialties related to the renewal of driving licenses. It results in the most thorough medical examination and the safe and immediate exchange of information between the doctors that every citizen needs to examine.

The electronic renewal of the driving license will save unnecessary inconvenience every year more than 210,000 citizens, including citizens over 65 years, professional drivers, but also citizens with chronic medical problems.

It is worth noting that the physical presence of the citizen is required only during the medical examinations, while there is full information via SMS and email at all stages of the procedure.

At the same time, the new electronic procedure ensures full transparency in the handling of cases, as well as the protection of sensitive medical data that has been circulated to date.

Copy of marketing authorization

The second service concerns the digital application for the issuance of a copy of a marketing authorization due to loss, theft or damage through the Single Digital Portal of the State It is typical that about 50,000 copies of vehicle licenses are issued annually throughout the country.

With the new process, citizens enter the online platform with Taxisnet codes and have, for the first time, easy access from a single point, to all the information concerning the vehicle or the vehicles in their possession.

In particular, those who carry out this process also have the ability to check information such as if the traffic fees have been paid, if they have to pass a technical inspection (KTEO) or until when their vehicle is insured.

The process for issuing a copy of a marketing authorization is extremely simple for users.

Those interested choose the vehicle for which they request the copy of the registration certificate and the Regional Unit from which they want to be serviced. Both during the successful submission of the application and during its approval by the employee of the Region, they receive a relevant notification via email and SMS.

The only condition for the copy of the registration certificate to be issued is that the vehicle is in motion.

In the first phase, the service is available to natural persons who fully own the vehicle. As for legal entities, at the moment they can see the information of their vehicles and in the near future they will be able to request a copy of the license.

The two projects mentioned above contribute significantly to the further digital transformation of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport. By digitizing these processes, relieve administrative burdens 59 Transport Directorates with more than 700 employees in the 13 Regions of the country, saving valuable resources and man-hours for the benefit of citizens as well as the public sector.

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