Spain: Former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy submits to Parliamentary Inquiry Committee on “Kitchen case”


In competent committee of inquiry of the parliament, arrives at 5 in the afternoon, o Former Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy, in order to testify for Kitchen case.

This is a case concerning a para-police organization which, with state funds, is said to have acted in the past in order to extract from the residence of its former treasurer, Conservative People’s Party, Jose Luis Barthenas, important documents, concerning the double ledgers kept by the former treasurer on the finances of the People’s Party.

The investigation of the case was started by the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office and is already being tried at Special Court (Audiencia Nacional) since last June. According to the Prosecution, in the “Kitchen case” the former Minister of Interior of the Rajoy government, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, is involved, who in collaboration with the police inspector Jose Villarreal, allegedly organized the operation. The court acquitted former Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy of any criminal responsibility (he has already testified in court), but today he is expected to answer to the members of the competent parliamentary inquiry committee for the political responsibility. It is estimated that the former prime minister will reply that he knew nothing about this case, the same as he claimed during his testimony in court.

Regarding the history of the case, on October 23, 2013, Enrique Olivares Garcίαa (who has already been sentenced to 22 years in prison) disguised as a priest managed to enter the house of the former treasurer of the People’s Party Jose Luis Barthenas (center of Madrid). Barthenas was in prison at the time) and after tying up his wife and son he managed to steal a number of documents. The perpetrator with a history of robbery and drug possession cooperated with the driver of the family, who in turn had relations with police officers who took part in the operation.

Olivares, at gunpoint and looking for the “Barthena documents” as they are known, stole Barthenas’ personal agenda, documents from the accounts of the People’s Party in Galicia, notes on the irregular financing of the People’s Party campaigns in the People’s Party ( Púnica) and notes related to the national fund of the People’s Party.

It is recalled that Mariano Rajoy, and on the occasion of the severe convictions of many involved in the “Gurtel case” (case of illegal financing of his party and the double books) lost power in 2018 as a motion of censure was made against him by opposition parties. and lost the vote. The uproar caused by the heavy sentences was the beginning of the end of Mariano Rajoy’s political career, who also resigned from the party leadership and retired from active politics.

Response: Dora Makri, Madrid  

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