Deutsche Bank: At 8.7% the growth rate of the Greek economy in 2021


Deutsche Bank proceeded with an upward revision of the growth rate of the Greek economy, following the “example” of institutions, rating agencies and other analysts. The German bank estimates that growth in our country, in 2021, will be 8.7%, while its previous forecast set the bar much lower, at 2%.

For 2022 the revision is downward, to 4.4% from the 6.1% it forecast, while for 2023 Deutsche Bank “sees” that the growth rate of the Greek economy will be at 3.8%, the highest in Eurozone.

For the course of the budget, the German bank, like other similar analyzes, sets obvious asterisks that need attention. For 2021, he estimates that it will rise to a double-digit percentage, to 10%, next year it will decline in 2022, while in 2023 it will fall “to 1%.

Also, regarding the current account deficit, which is also a “headache” for the Greek financial staff. Deutsche Bank reports that in 2021 it will be 6% of GDP, 4% in 2022 and 3% of GDP in 2023.

A few days ago, the investment bank DBRS, revised upwards its forecasts for the Greek GDP in 2021, compared to the forecasts for September.

In particular, it expects growth of 7.7% this year, ie 2.6% more than in September, while for 2022 it sees an increase of 4.4% of GDP and for 2023 it forecasts 3.1%.

Regarding unemployment in the country, in 2021 it is expected to reach 15.8%, while in 2022 to 14.6% and 13.5% in 2023.

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