USA: Democrats are running the social network to continue tax refunds


The Democrats feel that they should complete its vote legislative package of social expenditure and costs for climate promoted by President Joe Biden as soon as possible, as the expiration of the extension of tax refunds granted to children at the end of the year, according to the online political news newspaper The Hill.

If Congress does not take action, the US Revenue Service (IRS) will make the final monthly payment of the relevant tax refunds on December 15.

Democrats, for their part, see these monthly cash payments as crucial to reducing child poverty and want to prevent the extension of tax refunds.

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin is a major obstacle to these moves, as he refused to pass the Social Welfare Bill this year.

Aside from Mancin’s negative stance, key Democrats insist that the extension of child tax refunds will not expire.

“We will not have a break in payments. That’s very important, “said Democratic Sen. Sherd Brown.

The $ 1.9 trillion bill to address the financial consequences of the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, which Biden triggered in March, extended child tax refunds to 2021. The extension included an increase in tax rates. refunds, monthly prepayments of the relevant amounts, while allowing families with lower incomes to be able to receive the full amount of tax refunds.

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