The woman who was shot in a patisserie ended up


He finally succumbed in her injuries the woman that in the morning was shot from other woman, into candy store in Nea Madyto of the municipality of Volvi, outside Thessaloniki.

As it became known, this is a 55-year-old woman, who was initially treated at the Health Center of the area but as her injuries were considered serious, it was decided to transport her to the Hippocratic Hospital of Thessaloniki, where despite the efforts of doctors, the woman ended up.

According to the police, the unfortunate woman received at least three shots in the abdomen and shoulder, from a shotgun. According to testimonies, the perpetrator, unknown until now, seems to have set up a grenade launcher outside the store and as soon as he saw her enter, he turned against her. He then disappeared and has been wanted ever since.

The police authorities consider as the most prevalent version the causes of the murder to be personal differences between the two women.  

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