Famagusta – Borrell presents list of sanctions to Turkey at EU Council of Foreign Ministers


The need for decisions to be taken by the EU Council against its illegal actions Turkey in the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta, underline European diplomatic sources from Brussels.

Selection document with legal and political measures

According to reports, the EU High Representative stressed that decisions must be taken today as we have been discussing the issue of Turkey’s illegal actions in Famagusta for a long time and we now have before us an option document that includes legal and political measures.

European diplomatic sources in Brussels have said that any decision-making failure today would jeopardize the credibility of the EU itself, arguing that a two-pronged approach should be taken: concrete measures that will not need to be implemented if Turkey demonstrates readiness to accept the bold and mutually beneficial proposal of the President of the Republic of Cyprus for confidence-building measures in relation to the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta.

“Such an approach, on the one hand, shows the determination of the EU and, on the other hand, creates an incentive for Turkey, while at the same time acting as a catalyst in relation to the efforts to resolve the Cyprus issue,” the same sources commented.

The countries that supported the list

The general approach of the High Representative and Nicosia to the need for concrete decisions was supported, according to sources, by Ireland, Greece, France, Belgium, Estonia, Austria, Malta and Luxembourg. In particular, Ireland, Austria, France, Greece and Luxembourg have expressed the view that this approach is perfectly reasonable and justified, noting that otherwise wrong messages will be sent to Turkey.

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Reservations from Germany, Italy and the Netherlands

According to European diplomatic sources, the German Foreign Minister pointed out that the new government took over a few days ago and it takes more time to study the selection document that was released just last week, as well as the implications of any decisions taken. Italy agreed to Germany’s approach, while the Netherlands expressed general reservations about the possibility of taking any measures.

Finally, according to the same sources, the High Representative stated that the Permanent Representatives Committee will discuss the issue with special emphasis on the establishment of a special regime of legal measures for those involved in Turkey’s illegal actions in the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta. He also acknowledged the catalytic importance of adopting bold confidence-building measures in relation to the enclosed area of ​​Famagusta for the prospect of resolving the Cyprus problem.

Source ΑΠΕ-ΜΠΕ

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