Homicide in the USA – Memories … Caroline is awakened by the murder of a Greek expatriate


With a video of their old photos and memories, friends and relatives say goodbye to the unfortunate Midi who fell dead at the hands of her partner, who then “staged” a robbery in order to disorient the authorities.

“I do not believe in what has happened. A part of my heart will be cracked forever. From kindergarten you told me that you would always be there and you were. That should not have happened, “said Heather Monterosso, Midi’s childhood friend.

As described by her friends and associates, her teenage love took her life.

“The guy who killed her was her teenage love. They lived together. “Then she left the house and sent me a message: ‘I’m trying to stay awake with my ex I’ve been away from,'” Mitchell Frederick revealed.

Her relatives are unable to understand what has happened to their lively and smiling girl. “My heart is going to break. “My family and I will never be able to overcome this nightmare,” said the victim’s aunt, Deborah Levin.

“She was lively, full of life, smiling, happy. Tender, affectionate. It helped people see the light. She was a “therapist”.

In amok condition

Neighbors came down from their houses and passers-by watched in amazement the maturing expatriate through the patrol vehicle where he is being held.

He angrily hit the window and finally broke it, trying to get out of the car. “My name is Peter Economou and someone made me kill my ex-girlfriend,” he shouted.

Surprised, his neighbors heard him say, “Someone made me kill my ex-girlfriend.”

“It’s scary. I feel so sorry for the girl and her family. I could not think that such a thing would happen in our neighborhood. Why kill her? “It’s sad,” said one of the victim’s neighbors.

Memoirs of the Caroline Case

He had directed the murder, a case reminiscent of the Glyka Nera crime, with the horrific murder of Caroline Krauts by her husband Babi Anagnostopoulos.

He hit her on the head with a hammer and stabbed her several times in the torso and neck. He then stabbed her with a 116 cm sword in the buttocks area and with a screwdriver in the chest. Dead in a pool of blood he placed her in the closet.

He then tried to mislead the authorities. “I had a heart attack, I need medical help now,” he said.

The expatriate was known in the beginning. He was arrested seven times on charges of addiction and driving under the influence of alcohol but never for domestic violence.

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