Wish ornaments: With three steps we make thousands of children’s wishes come true


With a few clicks on our computer or mobile, through the action Wish ornaments we can give away their magic Christmas to thousands of children in need.

The important initiative of OPAP this year embraces the children of the organizations “Ark of the World” and “The Smile of the Child”. With the help of all of us, their Christmas wishes will come true and they will get the gift they want for the holidays.

How to make a child’s wish come true

The children have painted their wishes and we have the opportunity to make them come true through the website of the Wishfuls initiative and the application “OPAP Offer Team”.

Watch the video above.

With three simple steps, we can fulfill one or more wishes:

· We choose the children’s painting-wish that we want to make

· We buy online the gift that meets the wish, through the cooperating e-shops of the Moustakas, Zakcret stores and Psychogios publications

· We send our wish to the child who will receive the gift

For every wish we make, we have the opportunity to receive the original painting of the child, so that we remember our important offer.

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