EU – Germany’s “backs” to save Turkey from sanctions on Varos


“Brake” in the imposition of European sanctions on Turkey, in response to its unilateral actions in the enclosed area of ​​Varosia, puts the Germany.

The work of the EU Foreign Affairs Council “closed” without an agreement on the proposed measures, despite pressure and warnings that the very credibility of the European Union is at stake.

The new German Foreign Minister, Analena Berbok, put forward the argument that she is “unprepared” as she just undertook and did not manage to study the relevant document of the EU High Representative, Josep Borrell.

Italy sided with it, while the Netherlands expressed general reservations about the possibility of taking any measures.

Thus, the forthcoming imposition of European sanctions in response to Turkey’s unilateral actions in the enclave of Varos was referred to a next Council for discussion.

He did not have time to study the document

In particular, according to the Cypriot media, during the discussion, the German Foreign Minister stated that the selection document had been released only last week, at the same time as the new German government took office.

She said that more time is needed to study the document, as well as the implications of the decisions that will be taken.

EU High Representative Josep Borrell, introducing the issue of Turkey’s illegal actions in Varos, stressed the need for decisions because the issue has long been on the agenda.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus, Nikos Christodoulidis, also agreed with Borrell’s position, pointing out that any decision-making failure would jeopardize the credibility of the EU itself.

According to information from the “Liberal Party of Cyprus”, Greece, Ireland, France, Belgium, Estonia, Austria, Malta and Luxembourg supported the general approach of the High Representative and Nicosia to the need to take specific decisions.

These countries have expressed the view that this approach is perfectly reasonable and justified, as otherwise they will send, inter alia, wrong messages to Turkey.

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