Kentucky: Tornado “traveled” family photo 200 km away


At least 64 people, including six children, were killed, after the passage tornadoes only in its American state Kentucky, according to a provisional report, which puts the death toll at at least 78 in the southern and central United States during this meteorological episode.

The governor of the state Andy Besir had estimated, at the weekend, that the number of victims could exceed “100”.

At the same time, the news that a family photo from 1942 “traveled” 209 km away, as it was swept away by the stormy winds. The photo was found by a woman stuck in the windshield of her car and she immediately mobilized to find her owners. «Looking at the date, I realized that it was possible that the photo came from a house that was hit by a tornadoShe stressed.

He immediately posted the photo on Facebook and Twitter and asked for help to find its owners. He said he hoped that someone on social media would be related to the photo or share it with someone who was related. Of course, that happened.

One man commented that The photo was taken by a family from Dawson Springs, Kentucky, over 200 km away from where it was found. So, within the week the photo will return to where it belongs!


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