Omicron will become the predominant variant in …


The Omicron variant of SARS-CoV-2 is spreading rapidly and is expected to become the prevailing one in London within the next 48 hours, announced the British Minister of Health Sajid Javid

«No other variation of it Covid19 did not spread so quickly“, Pointed out the minister speaking in Parliament.

«THE Ομικρον corresponds to 20% of cases recorded in England, but we have already seen it increase to over 44% of cases in London and we expect that the prevailing variation will take place in the capital within the next 48 hours“, explained.

Today the British health authorities announced that they recorded 54.661 new cases of Covid19 and 38 deaths the last 24 hours. The cases are increased against 9,9% compared to the previous week, while the deaths (the number only applies to those who have tested positive for coronavirus in the last 28 days) show a decrease of 0.6%.

The minister said the government intends to expand its use sanitary pass, as soon as a «reasonable possibility»To all adults to do the booster dose of the vaccine.

As of Wednesday, provided the measure is approved by parliament tomorrow, the British they must have a negative antibody test to enter nightclubs and crowded events. Only those who have done are excluded from the measure 2 doses of vaccine. «As soon as all adults have a reasonable opportunity to make their booster dose, we intend to change this exception to require»To have done and 3rd dose to enter such spaces, he added Javid.

In Denmark, the Omicron variant is also expected to become the prevailing one within this week, according to Serum Institute. In the country they are recorded almost every day 10.000 new cases and from November 22 have been identified 3.437 cases with the Omicron variant.

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