Netherlands: Four parties agree to form a government under Rutte


Nine months after the parliamentary elections, four parties reached an agreement to form a coalition government in Netherlands, paving the way for the Mark Rutte to remain in the Prime Minister for another term, the fourth from 2010.

Negotiations began shortly after the parliamentary elections, In the middle of March. At the end of October, the country broke its previous record of 225 days without an elected government.

Four parties, tthe outgoing prime minister’s center-right VVD, the center-left D66, the center-right CDA and the conservative Christian Union participated in the negotiations. “Our intention is to present our final report on the coalition agreement on the afternoon of Wednesday, December 15,” said Johan Remkes and Butter Kulmes, the negotiators, in a letter to parliament.

The marathon consultations were to end tonight, so that each party can present the agreement to its deputies tomorrow Tuesday, with the possibility of delaying its implementation being open. Mark Rutte, the prime minister since October 2010, has been in office for almost a year now, following a scandal involving family allowances. However, he remains in office and manages current issues.

The next government will face the resurgence of the Covid-19 pandemic that forced the country to impose new restrictions, unpopular measures that led to riots in November. It is also expected to announce the billions of euros invested in tackling climate change, homelessness and nuclear energy research, as well as toll expansion, according to public television NOS.

Zigrid Kaag, the leader of the D66 party that came second in the elections, is expected to take over the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The current Minister of Health, Hugo de Jongge, will not remain in this position and tomorrow, regular information about the pandemic, on Rutte’s side, will probably be his last.

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