France: Former Sarkozy minister jailed


For the first time, one former Minister of the Interior is sent to prison: at the age of 76, Claude Gan, the former «right hand»Του former president Νικολά Sarkozy, was imprisoned today because he did not comply with the terms of the suspensory nature of his conviction in 2017.

Guan appeared at the Paris prosecutor’s office this morning and was taken to the Paris-La-Sante penitentiary, the attorney general’s office said.

The former minister was sentenced in January 2017 to two years in prison, one of which was suspended and fined 75,000 euros for the case of misuse of cash from the hidden funds of the Ministry of Interior. He had been released on parole, but in early November the Paris Court of Appeal suspended part of the suspension, saying that Gean had not paid the fines and compensation. The financial prosecutor estimated that he had returned “only 36%” of the approximately 190,000 euros that had been misused from the public coffers.

His lawyer, Philippe Bouce El Gozi, said his client would be jailed for nine months, but intends to appeal to get his debts settled. He also pointed out that the 76-year-old politician’s health condition is “worrying”. “He pays what he can pay, that is, 3,000 euros a month, he has no hidden money and therefore he can not pay more, as they decided to send him to prison,” he said.

The “architect” of Nicolas Sarkozy’s election campaign had taken over as secretary general of the Elysee after his victory in the 2007 presidential election. In October and November, he was tried, along with four other associates of the former president, in the case of the misuse of public funds related to the multi-million euro spending on political advisers and polls during the five years 2007-12. The verdict in this trial will be announced on January 21. He is also accused of allegedly financing Sarkozy’s campaign in Libya and will stand trial in February for “illegal financing” of the 2012 election campaign.  

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