Deadly tornadoes in Kentucky – dozens dead and incalculable damage (video)


The death toll from the deadly tornado crossing in Kentucky is rising, with estimates now exceeding 100. Thousands of residents are counting their wounds. Their fortunes have been reduced to rubble, while at the same time trying to survive without electricity, water and heating until they are helped by the federal service.

Neighborhoods in Kentucky now look like a war zone. Citizens, shocked by the leveling of the deadly tornadoes, are trying to save what is left of their property. Kentucky authorities are counting casualties.

“The age range is from five months to 86 years and six is ​​under 18,” said Andrew Besiar, Governor of Kentucky.


They warn that thousands will be left without electricity, water and heating for a long time as the huge damage caused will take time to repair. Meanwhile, residents are trying to stay warm in the bitter cold. A woman searched for hours for her dog in the cold. When she found him, she could not hide her joy.

In Mayfield, western Kentucky, survivors have been evacuated to specially designed shelters.

Citizens gathered on Sunday 12/12 in two churches in the city to pray for the dozens of their fellow human beings who went missing but also for a better tomorrow after the tragedy that befell them.

Edited by: Virginia Kouridaki

Source: ERT  

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